The Houston Symphony's recording of Wozzeck, on which I performed, just won a Grammy for best operatic performance!! We also won the Echo Klassik! It was wonderful to be a part of this important project. 

Plainte Calme 

The album takes its title from an unpublished prelude by Olivier Messiaen that I arranged from the piano, for which it was originally composed. This is one of two hyperbolic arrangements that I made for this album, the other being Debussy's La Puerta del Vino from his collection Preludes book II. The Debussy was chosen because I wanted to pair it with Falla's famous homage, making bookends out of these pieces, both being Habaneras. The album as a whole is a meditation on the idea of homage, threnody, and musical allusion. There is an aesthetic arc that travels from dark, duende-tinged impressionistic pieces through "the woods" filled with Takemitsu's distinctive sonic imagery towards the vigorous, chromatic utterances of Elliott Carter's Changes

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My old friends and bandmates in Devotchka invite me to play with them from time to time. "Undone" is a track that features my playing